Daily Archives: Sept. 12, 2013

Would a libertarian society be doomed to fail?

Just as communism failed, “radical libertarianism, if ever put into practice at the scale of something bigger than a tiny enclave, would also be a disaster,” argued Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu. They contend that radical libertarians would be great at destroying but not at creating or governing. “It is in failed states such as Somalia that libertarianism finds its fullest actual expression,” they argued. What do you think?

State hitting up locals to help fund road projects

The message at a state transportation summit last week in Emporia was that local governments will have to share more of the cost of major road projects. It’s understandable that the state wants to leverage its spending and evaluate road projects based in part on economic impact. But would it have to be off-loading more costs on locals if the Legislature hadn’t in recent years treated the state transportation fund as a giant piggy bank to help cover budget shortfalls and finance tax cuts?