Daily Archives: Sept. 5, 2013

Is Stegall a ‘crunchy con’?

Caleb Stegall, whose appointment to the Kansas Court of Appeals was confirmed this week by the Kansas Senate, is being described by some as a “crunchy con.” The term refers to conservatives who also care about environmental issues, such as conservation and sustainability. Stegall’s writings have reflected traditional socially conservative values, but he also has criticized urban sprawl and big-box stores and is concerned about preserving natural resources.

Huelskamp stands out for linking Benghazi, Syria

An MSNBC blog post credited Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, with demonstrating “that any GOP discussion inevitably leads to Benghazi.” Huelskamp tweeted Tuesday: “Since #Obama still refuses to tell us the whole truth about #Benghazi, why do GOP leaders trust Obama to be truthful about #Syria?” MSNBC’s John Flowers concluded: “It’s difficult to say whether any other Republicans are ready to pick up the ‘Benghazi’ line on Syria. Then again, for the 8 percent of Americans who believe Benghazi is located in Syria – this link probably comes as no surprise at all.” Flowers was referring to a Public Policy Polling survey in May that also found 41 percent of Republicans viewed Benghazi as the biggest political scandal in American history.