Writings, interviews add information about Stegall

Gov. Sam Brownback has released little information about Caleb Stegall, his nominee for the Kansas Court of Appeals. But the Topeka Capital-Journal examined some of the writings and interviews Stegall has done over the years. For example, in a 2005 interview with the website God Spy, Stegall described his work as editor of the New Pantagruel, an online magazine with a “radically new vision for humanity and the world.” He urged people to “read the classics and the church fathers instead of junk fiction and self-help crap. And, then, go about the hard work of learning the discipline of place. Get married. Have kids, lots of them. Don’t turn them over to others to raise.” Stegall also has criticized the controlling tendencies of liberals and conservatives. In a column he wrote for the Kansas Liberty website, Stegall said the political left was caught up in dreams of “an egalitarian utopia and of running everything by federal fiat,” while the political right was dreaming of “a Christian nation with social control and corporate giveaways.”