KDOR doesn’t accept any blame for ‘suspended’ voters

Wednesday’s Eagle editorial argued that Gov. Sam Brownback’s Kansas Department of Revenue shares some responsibility for the problem of nearly 14,000 Kansans whose voter registrations are “in suspense” because of the new proof-of-citizenship requirement. Not so, said KDOR spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda. She said the driver’s license offices’ current computer system is capable of handling citizenship documents “and has been doing so for a few years now.” She also said: “The records coming from our offices that election officials have deemed to be in suspense are people who did not have citizenship documents with them when they came in to our office – meaning they came in to do something like renew their license or change their name.” As for a recent Lawrence Journal-World report that “local election officials say a number of people contacted to provide proof of citizenship say they presented that proof at the driver’s license office”: Koranda said, “Our records show that the ones that are affected by this did not provide proof.”