Expect more ALEC-backed bills targeting energy standards

A number of the bills that come before the Kansas Legislature have emerged from the American Legislative Exchange Council and its task forces. House Energy and Environment Committee Chairman Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, told the Topeka Capital-Journal about two ideas out of the recent ALEC convention that would target state renewable energy standards – the “Market-Power Renewables Act” and the “Renewable Energy Credit Act.” One would let consumers choose whether to purchase electricity from renewable sources from their utilities. Hedke told the Capital-Journal that his ALEC task force also approved a resolution opposing a carbon tax. “The overall group was very diverse, with a great number of states represented, expertise appearing in panels, and other very valuable metrics,” said Hedke, one of 11 Kansas GOP legislators who used state dollars to pay their $475 ALEC conference registration fee in advance.