Daily Archives: Aug. 21, 2013

‘Pillars of Islam’ display taken out of context

So public school administrators now must worry about something on a wall being photographed and then uploaded for cultural warriors everywhere to see, misunderstand and condemn. That’s chilling and sad, our Wednesday editorial argues. Someone took a photo of a bulletin board at Wichita’s Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School showing the Five Pillars of Islam. The photo was then widely distributed via social media, along with claims that the school had “banned all forms of Christian prayer.” The truth is that, in context, the bulletin board fit perfectly into the core knowledge curriculum’s study of the five major religions of the world – Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The point was not to promote religion but to serve fourth-grade social studies this fall.

Kansas unemployment rate rises again

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Kansas was 5.9 percent in July. That’s the third straight month that the unemployment rate has increased. The Kansas Department of Labor attributed the increase to more people entering the job market and noted that the number of private-sector jobs continued to grow. Others question the impact of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts. “Though advocates of substantial tax cuts promised a shot of adrenaline to the Kansas economy, so far it’s more like a shot of Valium,” said Annie McKay of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth and Amy Blouin of the Missouri Budget Project, writing in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last week.