Daily Archives: Aug. 15, 2013

Kansans already relying on government health care

Nearly 450,000 Kansans received Medicare benefits last year, while nearly 400,000 were enrolled in Medicaid as of May 2013, the Kansas Health Institute News Service reported. A recent report by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured estimated that an additional 144,000 Kansans (nearly half the total number of uninsured Kansans) would receive health care coverage if Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature allowed a federal expansion of Medicaid.

Kassebaum has experience with political divide

William Kassebaum – the campaign treasurer for potential gubernatorial candidate state Rep. Paul Davis, D-Lawrence – has had experience with the moderate-conservative divide in state politics and with David Kensinger, president of Gov. Sam Brownback’s political action committee. In 2004, when Kassebaum was a moderate GOP state lawmaker, he was targeted for defeat by the anti-tax group Club for Growth, which mailed thousands of postcards and purchased radio ads denouncing him, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. At that time, Kensinger guided the local chapter of Club for Growth. Kassebaum, who is the son of former U.S. Sen. Nancy Kassebaum and grandson of former Gov. Alf Landon, said that for Davis to win, he would need support from moderate Republicans.