Daily Archives: Aug. 8, 2013

Peterjohn nominated but didn’t ‘appoint’ Weeks

Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn objected to a WE Blog item Thursday stating that he had “appointed” libertarian blogger Bob Weeks to be on the airport advisory board (the Wichita City Council declined to accept Weeks). Peterjohn said he doesn’t have that authority and that the full County Commission approved the nomination. During the July 10 commission meeting, county counselor Richard Euson said that each county commissioner “has the ability to nominate a member to the airport authority.” Peterjohn made a combined motion including his nomination of Weeks and Commission Chairman Jim Skelton’s nomination of Dave Bayouth. There was no discussion, and the vote was unanimous.

Too bad west bank selection ended on sour note

As Wichita City Council member Jeff Longwell noted during Tuesday’s council meeting, the selection of a developer for apartments along the west bank of the Arkansas River should have been a happy day for the city. After all, such a residential development has been a dream for decades, and the $24.7 million River Vista apartments, which the council selected on a 4-2 vote, is an exciting project that will help boost downtown’s renewal. Unfortunately, a dispute about how the proposal process was handled soured what should have been a celebration. Too bad.

Happy to be a Wildcat

Kansas State University students are the sixth happiest in the nation, according to a survey by Princeton Review. Students ranked K-State as No. 2 for campus and community relations, No. 5 for student satisfaction, and No. 7 for best quality of life – likely why they are so happy. Overall, both K-State and the University of Kansas were included in the publication’s 2014 list of “The Best 378 Colleges” in the nation.