Wannabe voters ‘in suspense’ are less partisan

More than 12,000 Kansans’ right to vote is in limbo, with their registrations held “in suspense” due to the new state law requiring proof of citizenship to register. It’s particularly concerning that, according to the Lawrence Journal-World, some of those whose registrations have been delayed say they already presented documents verifying citizenship to their driver’s license office. A legislative panel recently declined Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s request to let such wannabe voters cast provisional ballots in upcoming local elections because, as League of Women Voters of Kansas president Dolores Furtado noted, “It doesn’t fix the problem, it just disguises it.” The more than 12,000 suspended voters are less partisan – 57 percent unaffiliated, 23 percent Republicans and 18 percent Democrats – than the state’s more than 1.7 million already registered voters, who are 45 percent Republicans, 30 percent unaffiliated and 25 percent Democrats.