So they said

“We were losing people to every surrounding state around us except Nebraska, and I don’t care about Nebraska because they went to the Big 10.” – Gov. Sam Brownback (in photo), talking at a recent Arkansas GOP fundraiser about Kansas before his income-tax cuts

“Just like all the senators, I haven’t read it yet.” – Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, in National Review, dismissing the Senate-passed immigration-reform bill

“I can’t even stand to read the decisions because I don’t even think they’d pass law school with decisions like that.” – Huelskamp again, talking on conservative radio about the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage rulings

“The debate of marriage is just starting. It’s not over.” – Huelskamp again, in a National Journal article headlined “Meet the Man Trying to Ban Same-Sex Marriage in the Constitution”