Party switching is a voter’s prerogative, business

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley (in photo), D-Topeka, cried foul last week over Dodge City attorney Shane Bangerter’s recent change in party affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated, and suggested Gov. Sam Brownback was trying to sidestep the state law saying there can be no more than five members of one party on the nine-member Kansas Board of Regents. But where is Hensley’s proof that “we have had an intentional circumvention of the law,” as he put it? Bangerter, among three recent Brownback appointments to the regents, said no one in the governor’s office asked him to change his party affiliation. And party switching is a voter’s prerogative – and something Kansas Democrats and independents have done to be able to participate in hotly contested GOP primaries. As Sen. Pat Apple, R-Louisburg, said of Hensley’s charge: “Seems we are entering election season a little early.”