Parking kiosks made for lousy customer service

As little as Wichitans like paying for parking downtown, they found it even less fun to stand in line (sometimes in the rain) at an electronic kiosk to do so. Thank goodness the city turned off the parking pay stations at Century II and the Central Library and went back to using the individual meters, cutting short a three-month test that cost the city $15,000. Maybe the kiosks would work for trade shows and conventions, when Century II patrons arrive at different times. And the idea to allow payment by credit and debit cards was good. But the pay stations were a disaster when 2,200 people were arriving at the same time for each Music Theatre of Wichita performance. They also complicated enforcement, because officers had to print a report from the pay stations to determine whether people had paid. The city may find the system boosted revenue, but it made for lousy customer service.