Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

Fast food might be slow today in some cities

Some fast-food workers in seven cities, including Kansas City, are walking off the job today to protest low wages. The workers want to get paid $15 per hour, but industry officials say that the restaurants don’t have a high enough profit margin to afford that. Meanwhile, McDonald’s is getting grief for providing budgeting advice to its workers that included them working two jobs to get by (and assumed they needed to spend only $20 a month on health insurance).

State rankings improve but economy lags

The Brownback administration recently touted slight improvements in two state business rankings, but another report shows Kansas trailing most other states in economic growth. Kansas moved from eighth to sixth in the Pollina Corporate Real Estate annual rankings of states, and it moved from 15th to 14th in a CNBC ranking of state business environments. But a report by the Tax Policy Center found Kansas lagging most states in economic growth from February to May and predicted it will trail in the next six months, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. “Most states improved over the past quarter; only Alaska, Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin and Wyoming experienced declines,” according to the report, which looked at nonfarm employment, average manufacturing hours worked, the state’s unemployment rate and real wages.

County stepped up to help citizens dispose of debris

Kudos to Sedgwick County for stepping up to help people dispose of debris from recent storms (in sharp contrast to the “it’s not our problem” approach of the city of Wichita). The county’s tree debris site at 63rd Street South and Meridian will be open through the end of this month. So far, it has received more than 15,000 truckloads of debris. The county also is offering coupons allowing residents to dispose of up to 1,000 pounds of bulky waste at two area solid waste transfer stations. To request a coupon, which must be used by Oct. 17, call 316-660-9110 or go online to sedgwickcountyservices.org/coupon/trash.