So they said

“Aye. I’m sorry, no.” – Sen. Jerry Moran (in photo), R-Kan., causing laughter on the Senate floor for his voting mishap on the immigration reform bill

“Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas can now argue on immigration that he was for it before he was against it.” – Ryan Teague Beckwith, politics editor at Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome, on Twitter

“Clever attempt to get nation to discover that there is a Sen. Moran.” – New Republic writer Alec MacGillis, on Twitter

“The idea of letting this administration define border security is like letting Bill Clinton define sexual relations.” – Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, to Politico

“It’s a free market out there. If they want to leave, they leave and somebody else is going to take their place. To say we need to compete with everybody else – I don’t buy that.” – House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, on the privately funded raises the Kansas Board of Regents just gave to university leaders

“With your help, we’re turning Kansas around.” – Gov. Sam Brownback, in a re-election fundraising letter to supporters