Daily Archives: June 2, 2013

So they said

“It’s time to man up and say you made a mistake last year and we’re going to fix it.” – Rep. Mark Hutton (in photo), R-Wichita, unsuccessfully arguing on the House floor Thursday for a tax bill he helped craft

“#ksleg spent $45,000 today in 11 minutes doing nothing; the average salary for a Kansas teacher.” – Jason Perkey of the Kansas Democratic Party, tweeting on Wednesday

“I work my full-time job as secretary of state of Kansas, but you know the way I see it, what I do in my spare time is up to me. Some people golf in their spare time; I help other states with legislation.” – Secretary of State Kris Kobach, on his moonlighting as author of other states’ bills on illegal immigration, voter fraud and gun rights

“There is no evidence to support this idea that Republicans will pick up a lot of votes if we give amnesty to 11 million folks.” – U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, to Reuters, on the Senate immigration reform bill

Plenty of bizarre bills this legislative session

The website Kansas Watchdog compiled its list of the top 10 bizarre bills of the 2013 Kansas legislative session. The list included an attempt to force the University of Kansas to play Wichita State University in basketball and bills to ban unmanned aerial luminaries, increase golf cart speed limits and regulate strippers. It also included resolutions declaring that drugs are bad and recognizing the Boy Scouts of America and the Miss Kansas pageant winner. “For every reasonable piece of legislation that passes through the halls of the Capitol building,” the website said, “there’s at least one or two bills that make residents question the motives or intelligence of the elected officials pushing the matter.”

NBC Tournament changes good for teams, fans

Changes to the National Baseball Congress’ annual tournament announced last week by city and NBC officials sound promising, both for teams and fans. Reducing downtime between games and providing hotel and meal discounts will make the tournament more affordable for visiting teams. Lower ticket prices and more buyout nights and promotions also should draw more fans. The NBC World Series has struggled in recent years. It is encouraging to see city leaders engaged and committed to restoring the tournament’s prestige.