Some legislative issues are best left undone

The state budget and tax policy are the two big issues that still must be resolved in Topeka. Our Wednesday editorial also lists some other issues that are best left undone:
• The House should resist a revised constitutional amendment still aimed at politicizing appointments to the state Supreme Court. Kansas’ appellate judges should be chosen because they know and will follow the law, not because of their political connections and beliefs.
• Legislators should not revive efforts to override the Kansas State Board of Education on the multistate Common Core standards for English and math, which the state has been working toward implementing for years. The costs of shelving them and starting over would be too high. And much of the growing paranoia about the Common Core standards is baseless.
• Lawmakers should not enable Secretary of State Kris Kobach to prosecute voter fraud or anything else. Kansas already has county attorneys and an attorney general to handle such prosecutions. And if there is one thing Kobach does not need, it’s more power.