Roberts wants action on Ike memorial

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., is tired of the protracted battle over the planned memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower (in photo) in Washington, D.C. Congress authorized the construction of the memorial in 1999, and its design was approved in 2010. But some Eisenhower family members oppose the design, as do some other critics who want a more classical memorial. Roberts, who is a member of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission’s executive board, approves of the design and wants to start construction, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. “It’s a highly deserved memorial,” Roberts said. “It fits Eisenhower’s life and what he would have wanted.” Carl Reddel, executive director of the memorial commission, was in Wichita last week trying to generate support for the project, noting how the design highlights Ike’s Kansas roots. Roberts said that it is time to move on the project, “or else we’ll see another decade go by without an Eisenhower memorial.”