How to get re-elected

Freshman Kansas House Republicans got advice last week on how to get re-elected, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey, R-Louisburg, told them to get busy raising money, because it will discourage potential challengers (and discourage lobbyists from giving money to challengers). Karl Hansen of the direct mail firm Singularis Group, which produced many campaign hit pieces last election, encouraged lawmakers to take advantage of their taxpayer-paid franking privileges and to host telephone town hall meetings. “It essentially works like talk radio. You’re the Rush Limbaugh,” he said. Gov. Sam Brownback’s former chief of staff David Kensinger said the lawmakers would benefit because Brownback and Sen Pat Roberts, R-Kan., will also be on the ballot in 2014. “We’re interested in helping you succeed,” he said. Whatever happened to getting re-elected because you did a good job?