Don’t reverse course at KU medical school

Good for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce and city and county leaders for writing University of Kansas chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little to express their concerns over possible cuts to the KU School of Medicine in Wichita. Gray-Little has said that if the state cuts more funding for university programs, the Wichita medical school likely would be reduced from a four-year program to a two-year program. As the local leaders noted, the Wichita community – particularly area doctors – donated money and helped lead the demanding accreditation process of expanding the medical school to a four-year program. KU shouldn’t abandon all that work. Also, the expanded program addresses a pressing state need for more physicians, particularly in rural Kansas. But it must also be noted that KU wouldn’t be faced with these possible cuts if Gov. Sam Brownback hadn’t signed last year’s massive tax cuts – reductions that the local chamber championed.