Did president ever say ‘corporate fat cat jet owners’?

Politico highlighted the Light Aircraft Revitalization Act, the legislation recently introduced by Rep. Mike Pompeo (in photo), R-Wichita, to boost general aviation by streamlining the certification process and lowering costs. He said its passage would help the “very, very troubled” aircraft-manufacturing industry in Wichita. “You cannot have a tax and regulatory structure that puts American manufacturing at a decided global disadvantage. And that’s what I think we have today,” Pompeo said. Politico questioned Pompeo’s claim that President Obama has made “dozens and dozens of speeches in which he says ‘corporate fat cat jet owners.’ You can talk to the folks at these businesses; they will all tell you: ‘The president gives that speech; it spooks the market.’” According to Politico, “a LexisNexis search didn’t turn up any references of Obama using the phrase, and the White House had no record of it.” Perhaps, but the president’s policy proposals and rhetoric regarding corporate jets and their owners speak for themselves.