Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

Can’t blame Legislature’s dysfunction on moderates

When Gov. Sam Brownback and his conservative backers ousted most of the moderates from the Kansas Senate, so that conservatives had control of both chambers, this year’s legislative session was supposed to be a breeze. In fact, House and Senate leaders said it would take only 80 days, instead of the allotted 90. But 90 days ended Thursday, and today the House overwhelmingly rejected the Senate tax plan and then adjourned until Tuesday. They can’t blame this dysfunction on moderates.

What’s next on lobbying ban?

Rep. Nile Dillmore, D-Wichita, was correct to raise concerns about a bill the Legislature passed this week that bans the use of state money to advocate for or against gun control. Though the prohibition likely would be difficult to enforce, Dillmore fears that it will be an impediment to the conversations that need to go on between entities. And if you can restrict discussions on this topic, what’s next? “This is a very undemocratic and very foolish piece of legislation,” Dillmore said. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from the Legislature.

Dubious, bogus and utterly phony headlines

The following satirical headlines come from borowitzreport.com and theonion.com:

• Obama Denies Role in Government
• Republicans Agree to Stop Using Word ‘Scandal’ in Every Sentence if Obama Resigns
• Obama Asks Staff to Start Cc’ing Him on Stuff
• Kim Jong Un Defends Right to Obtain Journalists’ Phone Records
• GOP Split Over Whether to Waste Time Investigating Benghazi or Repealing Obamacare
• Obama Supporter Has Perfectly Improbable Explanation Absolving President From Blame for Scandals
• Republicans Question Whether Obama Could Handle Actual Scandal
• ‘Our Thoughts Go Out to Oklahoma,’ Says GOP Congressman, Mentally Calculating When He Can Bring Up Benghazi Again
• Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln
• Republicans: Obama Must Take Action in Syria So We Can Criticize Action He Took in Syria
• Sanford’s Comeback Gives Hope to Liars
• NRA Leader Warns of Rising Cost of Senators
• Obama Orders Reinvasion of Iraq After Illuminating Trip Through Bush Presidential Library
• Yahoo Back on Top After Purchasing Millions of 13-Year-Old Girls’ Blogs