Daily Archives: May 8, 2013

Student’s suspension seems much too harsh

Is there more to the suspension of the senior class president at Wichita Heights High School than what school officials have said? They suspended Wesley Teague (in photo) for the rest of the school year and barred him from most graduation activities for what assistant principal Monique Arndt said were “very inappropriate tweets about the Heights athletic teams, aggressively disrespecting many athletes.” But the tweets seemed quite benign. The problem seemed to be the overreaction of some other students. School officials have a difficult job maintaining a safe and healthy school environment, but this punishment seems much too harsh.

Where would $100 million in savings come from?

Keeping long-term care services for intellectually and developmentally disabled Kansans out of KanCare would cost the state nearly $100 million, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer said last week. But where exactly would those savings come from? The Brownback administration has promised that services and reimbursement rates wouldn’t be cut, and it’s not as if the current system is flush with funding. “It’s a grossly underfunded system at this time,” Colin McKenney, CEO of Starkey Inc., told The Eagle editorial board earlier this year, calling the notion of the state squeezing $100 million out of the I/DD system “very alarming.” Are these more made-up savings, like the $30 million that the administration claimed it would saved by the turnpike merger but could never explain? Or would the savings come from making it such as fight to get approval for services that people give up?

Wichitan hoping to unseat Huelskamp

Bryan Robert Whitney is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2014 District 1 congressional race against Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, the Hutchinson News reported. In addition to Huelskamp’s campaign war chest of more than $500,000 and the large GOP advantage in voter registrations, Whitney faces another challenge: He lives in Wichita, which is in District 4. The U.S. Constitution allows Whitney to run for any Congressional seat in the state, as long as he lives in the state. He grew up in District 1, graduating from Syracuse High School, and plans to move back to the district in 2015 after his wife graduates from the University of Kansas Medical School in Wichita. But Whitney acknowledged that not living in the district during the campaign “will be difficult.”