Article on Huelskamp’s district raising alarms

A Boston Globe article last week on how Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, seems to accurately represent the views of his conservative “Big First” congressional district has garnered attention – but not for good reasons. The article focused on residents of Jetmore, many of whom are urging Huelskamp to continue refusing to compromise. “Just keep saying ‘no’ until people listen,” one man said. The residents have no interest in broadening the GOP base, as national party leaders want. The editor of the local newspaper joked about how Jetmore doesn’t have “the gay problem.” The local doctor complained that “this president is trying to destroy the country I grew up in.” But what really raised alarms was that two of the citizens interviewed (at different times) joked about needing Lee Harvey Oswald (the man who assassinated President Kennedy). “I keep donating to the Bring Back Lee Harvey Committee,” one man said. “It hasn’t worked yet.”