Daily Archives: April 26, 2013

Does Obama need to be more ruthless?

“After more than four years in the Oval Office, the president has rarely demonstrated an appetite for ruthless politics that instills fear in lawmakers,” noted a New York Times article about how President Obama is unlikely to “punish” lawmakers who voted against gun-control legislation. “That raises a broader question: If he cannot translate the support of 90 percent of the public for background checks into a victory on Capitol Hill, what can he expect to accomplish legislatively for his remaining three and a half years in office?”

Salina mayor backing same-sex marriage

Salina Mayor Barb Shirley is the first Kansas mayor to join Mayors for Freedom to Marry, which supports same-sex marriage, the Salina Journal reported. “I want all people to have the same civil rights,” she said. Shirley’s announcement came six months after Salina residents voted 54.2 to 45.8 percent to repeal a city ordinance prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Women dominate teaching jobs, not administration

Though the roles of men and women in the workplace have changed greatly in the past few decades, education has been slower to see changes, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. For example, 89 percent of all the active elementary teaching licenses in Kansas are held by women, according to the Kansas State Department of Education. But men still hold 58 percent of the leadership and administrative roles. Education could benefit from more male elementary teachers and more female administrators.