Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

Accounting move wouldn’t change school-funding reality

Rep. Steve Huebert, R-Valley Center, defended a House-passed bill that would require school districts to send a portion of their local-option budget funding to the state that then would be returned to the districts and counted as part of the base state aid. “We need to start focusing on what we’re truly spending on our kids,” Huebert said, noting how total education funding is significantly more than the base aid. But other lawmakers saw the bill as an accounting gimmick aimed at trying to make the state look better to the courts and the public. “I think it is smoke and mirrors,” said Rep. Jim Kelly, R-Independence. “It’s like if you lost the basketball game and you take 10 points from your opponent and then say you won.”

Kapaun award ceremony was moving, overdue

Thursday’s ceremony at the White House, in which the Father Emil Kapaun was awarded the Medal of Honor, was moving and long overdue. As our Friday editorial noted, Kapaun, who died in a Chinese-run prison camp during the Korean War, responded to danger and deprivation with courage and selflessness, saving lives, sustaining hopes, and even blessing and forgiving his captors. President Obama noted that though Kapaun didn’t fire a gun, he wielded the mightiest weapon: love. Sixty-two years after his death, Kapaun remains an example of how to live and how to serve others.

Welcome ruling on unwelcome tribal casino

It was a relief to see U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson refuse Wednesday to order the federal government to accept into trust the Park City site where the Wyandotte Nation wants to build a casino. Now the Interior Department will decide whether the 10.5 acres, which are unconnected to the tribe’s history and far from its reservation in Oklahoma, can be considered tribal lands and therefore available for tribal gaming. The judge’s decision is another important roadblock to a tribal casino, which would be at odds with the 2007 Sedgwick County vote against casino gaming and also would be untaxed and largely unregulated.

What would new gun laws accomplish?

New gun laws in some states “appear to be the result of high emotion, not logic and clear thinking,” columnist Cal Thomas argued. “We all ache for the parents and loved ones of the Sandy Hook victims, but the Newtown tragedy shouldn’t be used as a prop for anti-gun proponents, the most extreme of whom want to register or ban all weapons except those for police and certain security people. What will more gun laws really accomplish? Will they keep one criminal bent on carnage from a single school door?”