Daily Archives: April 4, 2013

It makes sense for REAP to oversee airfare program

Good for Kansas House budget negotiators for reinstating $5 million in state aid to bolster air service in Wichita and Garden City. The Kansas Affordable Airfares Program is key to economic development. But it’s strange that some lawmakers now want the funding to go directly to Sedgwick and Finney counties’ governments rather than through the Regional Economic Area Partnership of south-central Kansas, which has managed the program for years at the state’s request. It makes sense for REAP to oversee the funding, as the airports serve many counties. Was this move prompted by REAP’s support of sustainable planning, which some people think is a U.N. plot?

Other school board members need to share thoughts on Southeast

Agree or disagree with Jeff Davis, vice president of the Wichita school board, who is leaning toward supporting a vote to close the current Southeast High and build a new $54 million building at 127th Street East and Pawnee. But at least Davis has shared his thinking with the community, as of an article in Monday’s Eagle by Suzanne Perez Tobias. “I’ve thought about it and looked at the plans, and I think it’s probably the right way to go,” Davis said, citing the benefits to students of state-of-the-art classrooms and athletic fields and a roomier site. Such talk arguably is premature, because the superintendent hasn’t made a formal recommendation to close Southeast and there haven’t been any public forums to gather stakeholders’ input. But as the process moves forward, the rest of the board members will owe the community their own explanations of their thinking and, ultimately, their votes on the issue, which will be defining for the school’s current 1,600 students and both neighborhoods.