Daily Archives: April 3, 2013

Though turnout was low, voters made good choices

Wichita voters made good choices in Tuesday’s election. They wisely re-elected James Clendenin, Lavonta Williams and Janet Miller to the Wichita City Council. Also, Jeff Blubaugh appears to have defeated Joshua Blick in District 4, though provisional ballots won’t be counted until April 11. In the Wichita school board races, Michael Rodee won in District 5, while Joy Eakins has a slight lead over Scott B. Poor in District 2. The disappointments this election were the low turnout (only 6.19 percent in Sedgwick County) and some ugly campaigning and vandalism. Blick had his home and campaign signs defaced and a vehicle window smashed, and he obtained a protection-from-stalking order against former candidate Craig Gabel, who also is being investigated for possible campaign-finance violations.

More anti-abortion laws, more lawsuits

Expect more costly legal challenges when the anti-abortion bill that the Kansas Senate approved this week becomes law. The bill’s legal problems include the elimination of a woman’s mental health as justification for mid- to late-term abortions and the requirement that doctors distribute information about a connection between abortions and breast cancer – a link not supported by science. The bill’s prohibition on deducting any abortion-related expense on state income taxes also raises privacy concerns. But none of this seems to matter to most lawmakers, who even resented having to consider whether the bill’s declaration that life begins at fertilization could ban certain forms of birth control.