It will be great to welcome back women bowlers

Congratulations and thanks to the city of Wichita, Go Wichita, the Greater Wichita Area Sports Commission and the Great Plains USBC Association for landing the 2019 United States Bowling Congress women’s tournament. It will bring more than 30,000 bowlers to Wichita during a three-month period and mean an $14 million economic impact for the city. As the community learned when it hosted their 2004 tournament, the women bowlers are hard to miss and a pleasure to have around – eager to have a good time and, not surprisingly, spend money while finding out what there is to do in Wichita. What’s more, the scheduling coup seems to signal that all is forgiven at the USBC over the 2011 men’s tournament, which Wichita won the right to host but later lost over a contract dispute. Let’s hope the 2019 women’s tournament leads to many more such events for Wichita.