Huelskamp making most of his outcast status

The Hill newspaper checked in with Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, and other congressmen who were stripped of key committee assignments for not toeing the GOP leadership’s line. How is Huelskamp doing three months later? “One of my colleagues put it interestingly. He said, ‘Well, Tim, they’ve given you a platform that you’ve never had before,’” the Kansan told the Hill, noting he also has been in demand on cable-news shows. Being stripped of committee assignments, he said, “had the opposite effect (of) trying to silence myself and a few others. It’s actually enhanced our ability to speak out and impact the process.” An unidentified lawmaker close to leadership told the Hill that Huelskamp “is just not trustworthy, and if he wants to be up here and a lone wolf and cause problems, he’ll never have any legislative accomplishments.”