Demographics make Kansas imperfect model for GOP

Is Gov. Sam Brownback’s Kansas the model for the future Republican Party? The Atlantic Wire’s Elspeth Reeve has doubts. “The Kansas House of Representatives is 72 percent Republican. The Kansas Senate is 80 percent Republican. That might have something to do with the fact that Kansas looks a lot like the Republican Party. It’s 78 percent white,” Reeve wrote. And “according to 2012 exit polls, 39 percent of voters are conservative, 48 percent are moderate, and only 17 percent are liberal.” The Republican National Committee’s new internal review suggests that the nation’s 30 GOP governors, including Brownback, will lead the way for the party, and there are tax and education reforms to watch in those states. “It is time for Republicans on the federal level to learn from successful Republicans on the state level,” the report said. But Reeve argued that in the cases of “less reliably red states, governors’ conservative policy records are more mixed.”