Calling out legislators on their sales-tax hypocrisy

Sixteen current state senators who had bitterly opposed and voted against the temporary sales-tax hike in 2010 nevertheless voted last week to make it permanent, arguing that it’s now needed to pay for income-tax cuts. They may not have lost any sleep over the hypocrisy of their flip-flop, but it upset some of the moderate GOP legislators who were targeted for defeat after voting for the increase. “I think it’s disingenuous that people who were so adamantly opposed to it are saying, ‘Oh, no – it’s OK,’” former Sen. Ruth Teichman of Stafford told the Hutchinson News. Former Sen. Jean Schodorf of Wichita told The Eagle editorial board: “It seems like the end justifies the means, and the conservatives believe that cutting income tax is so important to people that they don’t think the public will see the hypocrisy of raising the sales tax.”