Daily Archives: March 24, 2013

How will state fund its budget without income tax?

Count former state budget director Duane Goossen among those wondering how Kansas will fund a state budget without a state income tax, which currently represents 46.5 percent of state general fund revenue. None of the options Goossen offered sounded possible, let alone politically viable, including more than doubling the sales tax or newly applying it to professional services, pharmaceuticals, farm machinery and more, or implementing a 100-mill statewide property-tax levy. “A decision to not replace the income-tax revenue would dramatically lower education and human service budgets,” Goossen wrote on his blog for the Kansas Health Institute. “The governor and other supporters of a zero income tax have not identified how income-tax receipts might be replaced other than to suggest that economic growth will somehow take care of it.”

So they said

“‘The sky is falling’ is so much rhetoric.” – House Speaker Ray Merrick (in photo), R-Stilwell, defending the House budget’s 4 percent across-the-board cut to the state’s higher-education system

“I would submit to you that higher ed is out of control.” – Rep. Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, pointing to rising tuition in defending the proposed cut

“I think they understand that there is so much bad stuff in this budget that they don’t want people to have time to read it – or else they wouldn’t support it.” – Rep. John Wilson, D-Lawrence, on the 512-page budget