Daily Archives: March 20, 2013

Brewer, Pompeo united on Obama’s jet rhetoric

A Reuters article examines the impact on Wichita of President Obama’s bad-mouthing of business jets and push for a seven-year depreciation schedule for private-plane buyers. “I’m certainly disappointed that he would do something of this nature. As long as you’re doing something to threaten my aviation industry … I’ll continue to speak out against it,” Mayor Carl Brewer told Reuters, which noted Brewer is a Democrat who has Obama’s portrait on his wall. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, said: “It’s so frustrating. All the aviation manufacturers want is for him to stop talking down their industry. Don’t write them a check, don’t give them a tax credit, don’t hand them a subsidy. Stop bashing them.”

Lawmakers shouldn’t pass medically inaccurate bills

As a retired physician, Rep. Barbara Bollier, R-Mission Hills, should be a valued resource for her House colleagues when they consider health-related legislation. But as the House gave initial approval to the latest big anti-abortion bill Tuesday, it ignored her efforts to excise medically inaccurate language linking breast cancer to abortion. She made another excellent point: Legislation dealing with health issues should go through the chamber’s health committee.