So they said

– “We’ve got a series of blue states raising taxes and a series of red states cutting taxes. Now let’s watch and see what happens.” – Gov. Sam Brownback (in photo), in the Wall Street Journal
– “My friends don’t care about unions or judicial selection. They do care about home ownership.” – Sen. Michael O’Donnell, R-Wichita, asking Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan about the plan to eliminate the state tax deduction for mortgage interest
– “There’s going to be a gun grab before long.” – Rep. Joe Edwards, R-Haysville, during a House hearing with Kansas Bureau of Investigation Director Kirk Thompson
– “There’s still work to do on voter fraud in Kansas.” – Secretary of State Kris Kobach, telling the Kansas City Star he’s running for re-election in 2014 (and ending rumors he might challenge Sen. Pat Roberts or Gov. Sam Brownback)
– “It took the Greatest Generation 1,366 days to fight and win WWII. Over 1,600 days and still no decision from @WhiteHouse on #KeystoneXL.” – Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, in a Wednesday tweet