Daily Archives: Feb. 28, 2013

Will GOP stand ground on sequester?

Columnist Cal Thomas (in photo) urged GOP lawmakers not to back down on the sequester cuts, which are scheduled to start going into effect Friday. “Whatever the short-term political price, Republicans must stand for the Constitution, the country and the future,” he wrote. “Allowing the president to have his way again risks harming all three.”

Brownback’s low approval rating not surprising

A Public Policy Polling survey released this week showing that only 37 percent of Kansans approve of Gov. Sam Brownback’s job performance was not particularly surprising, as polls conducted last year by SurveyUSA had similar findings. The approval rating mirrored the public’s opinion of Brownback’s plan for phasing out state income taxes, as only 37 percent of those surveyed supported it while 48 percent opposed it. Though Brownback had an edge against various Democrats in hypothetical matchups, it was striking how well the Democrats did even though the public knows little about them. For example, Brownback led Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer by only 4 percentage points, even though 68 percent of those surveyed didn’t know enough about Brewer to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him.

Voters, poll workers deserve credit for primary

What a relief that Tuesday’s primary election in Sedgwick County escaped the inexcusable problems of last year’s primary and general elections. Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman even had full results available 90 minutes after the polls closed, a feat surely aided by the puny 4.69 percent turnout. The timely results were a vast improvement over Nov. 6, when it took nearly four hours to get any returns and more than six hours to get final totals. The 4,000 or so voters set up a worthy April 2 general election contest in District 4 between Joshua Blick and Jeff Blubaugh and overwhelmingly endorsed able incumbents Janet Miller in District 6 and James Clendenin in District 3 over weak challengers. The poll workers, volunteers and voters who participated deserve praise for doing their civic duty amid snowy conditions.