Pass tax-credit bill for tornado victims

Good for Reps. Brandon Whipple, D-Wichita, and Joe Edwards, R-Haysville, for getting a fast start on a bill to abate property taxes on homes destroyed in natural disasters. The problem, brought to light by The Eagle’s Dion Lefler last month, is that current law required the owners of the 144 houses and mobile homes lost in April’s tornado to pay a full year of property taxes. That’s unfair and even offensive, making the proposed legislative remedy a no-brainer that should cut across lines of party and geography. It would be better if the measure spared victims from even getting a tax bill, rather than just refunding their tax payments – and better yet if it were retroactive, to help out the 2012 tornado victims. But the bill co-authored by legislative newcomers Whipple and Edwards is a good move that deserves swift passage and the governor’s signature.