Norquist to counter Kobach’s view on immigration

Illegal immigration is sure to be debated by the 2013 Legislature, which includes many new members who share Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s zeal to pass an Arizona-style crackdown. But the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is bringing anti-tax activist Grover Norquist to address legislators Jan. 16 to warn against passing what chamber CEO Mike O’Neal calls “harmful, anti-business legislation.” Kansas lawmakers also should note Arizona’s five-year experience with its mandate that employers check the citizenship status of applicants by using the E-Verify database. Only 43 percent of businesses are doing so, and there is little enforcement. Mitt Romney had called Arizona’s E-Verify law a model for the nation. An attorney for Arizona businesses told the Yuma Sun that E-Verify has “a lot of deficiencies” and invites identity theft, saying about half of undocumented applicants can find ways around it.