Kansas delegation stood out on Sandy vote

Kansas was the only state whose entire House delegation voted against Hurricane Sandy relief, noted Huffington Post, though the one-man Montana delegation also did. “It’s disheartening to see elected officials in any state that won’t stand up for Americans devastated by a natural disaster,” said Belmar, N.J., Mayor Matt Doherty, whose community saw $130 million in damage. “I’d be embarrassed if the members of the New Jersey delegation did something like that to the residents of Kansas after they suffered a natural disaster.” Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, told Huffington Post: “I voted against authorizing another $9 billion of debt because there wasn’t a single offset in spending cuts to other programs. Either we reform the (National Flood Insurance Program) so it never needs a taxpayer bailout again, or we offset it so we can afford it.” When a war-funding bill that included $40 million for Greensburg and Kiowa County tornado relief passed the House in May 2007, Kansas’ House delegation of two Republicans and two Democrats voted for it, while the all-Democratic Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine delegations voted “no” and the New Jersey delegation was divided.