Daily Archives: Jan. 18, 2013

Could Biden be a serious contender in 2016?

“The goofy Uncle Veep persona that follows (Joe) Biden around like a stray dog, largely thanks to his garrulousness and occasional slips of the tongue, could not be further from the reality of the role this seasoned Washington insider is playing,” wrote David Rothkopf, who contends that Biden is the most influential vice president in U.S. history. What’s more, “insiders say that Biden, who would be 74 come the 2016 election, is intent on succeeding Obama in the Oval Office.”

Poll finds support for status quo on selecting justices

As state lawmakers heard testimony this week on both sides of Gov. Sam Brownback’s call to change how Kansas selects appellate-court judges, a new poll was released favoring the status quo. Commissioned by Justice at Stake, a group based in Washington, D.C., “dedicated to the preservation of fair and impartial courts,” the survey found that 61 percent of Kansas voters would oppose changing the state constitution to mirror the federal model, so the governor could nominate justices for the Supreme Court subject to Senate confirmation; 21 percent supported that change, while 18 percent were undecided. In the same poll, 73 percent said they were not satisfied with the results of the 2012 elections in the nation and state, and 57 percent said Kansas was on the wrong track.