Daily Archives: Jan. 17, 2013

‘Daily Show’ takes aim at Tiahrt on ATF limits

In one segment of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Wednesday, former 4th Congressional District Rep. Todd Tiahrt was shown saying in 2007 that mayors shouldn’t be tracing guns used in crimes or cracking down on illegal gun sales because the ATF was on the case – a point noted with relief by host Jon Stewart. But a clip later in the show showed Tiahrt defending his amendment restricting gun-trace data and otherwise limiting the law enforcement powers of the ATF. “You have broken my t-heart,” Stewart said.

Kansas gets bad grade on school spending

A national report card reached the same conclusion that a three-judge panel did last week: Kansas is doing a bad job funding its schools. The annual Education Week “Quality Counts” study gave Kansas a D on school spending. Kansas also received low marks for lack of improvement on national achievement tests and for teacher pay. Overall, Kansas received a C grade and was ranked 37th in the nation.

KanCare off to rocky start

Gov. Sam Brownback failed to mention KanCare in his State of the State speech – remarkable given the sea change it represents for the 380,000 individuals and the providers affected by the Jan. 1 privatization of Medicaid and HealthWave. But at least in Johnson County, the 2-week-old reform is off to a rocky start, warned Kansas City Star columnist Steve Rose. Some primary care physicians and hospitals haven’t signed up with the three managed-care contractors, he said, and there have been contractual issues between providers and insurers. Anecdotes include an 8-year-old boy whose assigned primary care physician is a gynecologist and a 25-year-old man assigned to a pediatrician. A 90-day grace period “gives KanCare a short time to resolve its issues with the would-be providers, and to get the 380,000 Kansans assigned correctly to their primary care physicians and dentists,” Rose wrote.