Daily Archives: Jan. 10, 2013

Public favors head lice over Congress

“Congress is now less popular than root canals, NFL replacement referees, head lice, the rock band Nickelback, colonoscopies, carnies, traffic jams, cockroaches, Donald Trump, France, Genghis Khan, used-car salesmen and brussels sprouts,” reported Public Policy Polling, adding some context to its new poll showing Congress’ overall favorability rating is 9 percent. In an array of either/or questions, those surveyed did have higher opinions of Congress than of telemarketers, John Edwards, the Kardashians, lobbyists, North Korea, the Ebola virus, Lindsay Lohan, Fidel Castro, playground bullies, meth labs, communism and gonorrhea. In response, Conan O’Brien quipped: “Head lice is insulted it’s being lumped in with Donald Trump and Nickelback.”

Kansans turn to guns after Newtown shooting

There were surges of gun purchases and concealed-carry permit applications in Kansas after the shootings at Newtown, Conn. In the 10 business days between Dec. 14 and the end of the year, 1,012 Kansans applied for gun permits, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. That 100-per-day average was about 50 percent higher than the 64-per-day application average since July. The number of background checks in Kansas also reached an all-time high of more than 35,000 in December. Nationally, background checks in December totaled nearly 2.8 million, compared with 1.6 million in October. Some of the surge may be Christmas buying, but gun dealers said that many buyers were concerned about new gun regulations.

Cancer battle inspires Wagle to press on

“There’s nothing like being told you’re not going to live very long,” new Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, told Associated Press. “Any of us can die in a car accident tomorrow, and as long as I’m here, and as long as I’m able, I want to continue working. I want to continue being a mom.” Wagle, who has survived multiple bouts of lymphoma since first being diagnosed with cancer in the 1990s, added: “There’s no reason to shut down. That’s an indication of a bad attitude.”