Daily Archives: Jan. 8, 2013

Layton’s 8 percent raise came as surprise

Wichita City Manager Robert Layton surely deserved some kind of raise after his four years on the job, and the City Council was right to give him one Tuesday. Layton, who had deferred any salary hikes during the downturn, has done a fine job of delivering services despite a tough budget and tackling big issues such as Project Downtown, trash and the water utility’s finances. But the city should have been more transparent about the size of that raise, 8 percent, or $15,170 atop his previous salary of $189,625. As it was, documents about the raise were released by the city only late Monday afternoon, limiting public debate before the council’s unanimous approval.

Nowhere for new Congress to go but up?

Here’s the first thing that members of the 113th Congress need to know, Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza wrote: “People hate you.” Though Congress’ approval ratings have been declining for some time, they hit a new low during the 112th Congress, which in terms of bills passed was the least-productive Congress in history. But on the positive side, things can’t get worse. “After all, 2012 was the lowest yearlong congressional approval rating in the history of Gallup polling,” Cillizza wrote, “so the expectation is that the bottom has been reached.” At least we can hope.