Will Legislature, Brownback go after teachers union?

Officials with the Kansas National Education Association are upset that a draft report from Gov. Sam Brownback’s school-efficiency task force recommends revising or narrowing state laws that govern collective-bargaining rights of teachers, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. “Collective bargaining around this state works,” said KNEA lobbyist Mark Desetti. “Our teachers don’t go out there and demand exorbitant salaries, and they don’t have a right to strike. They go out there, and they work with their school districts.” Teachers already were unhappy that Brownback didn’t appoint any teachers to the task force, and that the task force declined to hear any testimony from teachers. Desetti also noted that none of the presenters to the task force indicated that negotiations with teachers were a problem. “This never came up in their meetings,” he said. “It appears there is an agenda here.”