Vote by Roberts, Moran against U.N. treaty was shameful

Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran have been receiving justified condemnation for being among the 38 Senate Republicans who voted last week against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities – after telling former Sen. Bob Dole, who made a special appearance on the Senate floor, that they would support the treaty (which was negotiated by President George W. Bush). James Downey of the Washington Post wrote that “these senators shook Dole’s hand, looked him in the eye and, once he left the floor, turned their backs on him, on his fellow disabled veterans and on disabled people throughout the world.” A Hutchinson News editorial said that “the Republicans who voted against this treaty should hang their heads in shame, but none more than Kansas’ own Moran and Roberts.” A Kansas City Star editorial noted: “As has been made painfully obvious, this is not Bob Dole’s Senate anymore.”