Top Kansas stories heavy on politics

Politics and public policy dominated the top stories of the year in Kansas, according to a survey of Associated Press member newspaper editors and broadcast news directors. The state’s tax cuts and the conservative takeover of the Kansas Senate were named the No. 1 and No. 2 news stories of 2012, while KanCare, the state’s reform of Medicaid, came in at No. 3. Other state government issues in the top 10 were Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s continued crusades against voter fraud and illegal immigration (No. 6), the state’s bungled rollout of a new computer system for handling driver’s licenses (No. 9) and the Legislature’s failure to draw new political boundaries (No. 10). Other top stories included the heat wave and drought (No. 4), Kansas State University’s football season (No. 5), Boeing Co. pulling out of Wichita (No. 7) and the University of Kansas playing for the men’s national basketball title (No. 8).