Kobach says 532 Kansans ‘chose not to’ have their votes count

In the general election in Kansas, 838 voters failed to bring photo IDs to the polls and, because of that, filled out provisional ballots, with only 306 following up after the election to ensure their votes counted. Responding to an editorial in the Hays Daily News, Secretary of State Kris Kobach rejected the argument that the 532 remaining voters were “disenfranchised.” Those voters “could have presented their photo IDs to the county clerk or election office to make their ballots count, but they chose not to,” he wrote, noting that it’s common for thousands of provisional ballots not to be counted because the would-be voters weren’t registered or failed to sign their advance-ballot envelopes. “But of course, you don’t hear liberal editorial writers complaining that voter registration requirements or signature requirements disenfranchise people,” Kobach wrote. He concluded that the Secure and Fair Elections Act “gives confidence to voters and candidates alike that the system is fair. And that confidence strengthens our republic.”