Daily Archives: Dec. 30, 2012

Government giving government a bad name

“A reality has become too obvious for the world’s dazed inhabitants not to notice: The greatest threat to the upward arc of human progress is the collapse of public policymaking. That is the biggest cliff of all,” Daniel Henninger wrote in the Wall Street Journal. He said that “government, for the past 80 years or so, has seen its purpose as mainly to ‘respond’ to society’s failures the moment they occur or whenever they are imagined.” But the problem with governments around the world today, he wrote, “is that its advocates are enacting policies that do damage or don’t work.”

Yes, there really is a ‘best of Opinion Line’

Visit our website to read the “best” of Opinion Line for 2012. Among the favorites:
The GOP has become a “Father Knows Best” party in a “Modern Family” world.
Contrary to what Hollywood and the Democrats want you to believe, most of us don’t have a homosexual family member and Sofia Vergara would never marry a guy who looked like Ed O’Neill.
At this stage of my life, a zombie apocalypse would be a lot of fun.
Everyone should learn to play a ukulele.
Just when I’ve given up on the younger generation, I hear about alcohol enemas.
The reason more men are grocery shopping can be summed up in two words: yoga pants.