Daily Archives: Dec. 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas greeting to all you bloggers. Though the shooting in Newtown, Conn., has left many people saddened, and economic struggles continue for many, may the peace, comfort and hope of this season be felt by all.

Expanding Medicaid could save money, lives

Gov. Sam Brownback still hasn’t announced whether he will allow the expansion of Medicaid, which the federal government will cover until 2016 and nearly cover after that. In addition to saving the state money and boosting its economy with the influx of federal funds, the expansion would have another benefit: It could reduce deaths in Kansas. A study by Harvard University researchers published in September in the New England Journal of Medicine found that states that previously had expanded Medicaid reduced their mortality rates by 6.1 percent. The researchers concluded that the expansions “were significantly associated with reduced mortality as well as improved coverage, access to care and self-reported health.”

Strong public support for immigration reform

The public is way ahead of many politicians on immigration reform. A Politico/George Washington University national poll found that 62 percent of those surveyed support “an immigration reform proposal that allows illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years.” A whopping 77 percent of those surveyed support allowing “the children of illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn the right to stay here permanently if they complete a college degree or serve in the military” (which is essentially the DREAM Act that GOP lawmakers have blocked).