Sometimes incumbency can travel

When three federal court justices stepped in to do the Legislature’s job of redistricting in June, their new maps set off a number of sudden moves by displaced incumbents and others. And how did the carpetbaggers do at the ballot box? The ones who made it to Tuesday’s general election won with ease: Eight-term Rep. Clark Shultz, who had moved from Lindsborg to McPherson; two-term Democratic Rep. Melanie Meier, who had moved within Leavenworth; and 10-term Rep. Jan Pauls, D-Hutchinson (who was challenged by her primary opponent for claiming her new residence was an old church she was renovating). Two others didn’t survive the August primary: Wichita businessman Gary Mason, who had moved to Park City to run against Sen. Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick, and one-term Rep. TerriLois Gregory, who had relocated from Baldwin City to Ottawa.