Some campaign mailings really crossed the line

There were plenty of misleading and erroneous campaign mailings this election season from candidates and special-interest groups on both sides. But before the election fades from memory, two local mailings require particular condemnation. One mailing from the Kansas Republican Party said that Keith Humphrey, the losing candidate for Kansas Senate District 28, “doesn’t want you to know about his background … or that his name hasn’t always been Humphrey.” The reason his name changed was because he was adopted at age 11. Attacking someone for having been adopted has to be a new low. In a different mailing, Kansans for Liberty, a Wichita tea party group, suggested that Brandon Whipple, the winning candidate for Kansas House District 96, shouldn’t be elected because he doesn’t have kids. For the record – though it is nobody’s business – Whipple said that he and his wife have been trying to have kids. What’s particularly nuts is that the candidate Kansans for Liberty backed in that race, Rick Lindsey, doesn’t have children either.